When will my items ship?


For all orders placed before 5 pm CST, in stock items ship no later than the next business day



How do I tell if I need Easy Empty (EE) or Easy Fill (EF) liners?


All 7 Day cassettes use liners with 4 slots or compartments.  Easy Fill cassettes use liners with 8 slots. 



How many lids come in a case?


Cases of clear (or Amber light resistant) lids contain a total of 32 sleeves (64 shrink wrapped bricks).  Each sleeve contains 714 individual lids.  The total number of lids in a case is 22,848.



How many cassettes come in a case?


All OPUS System cassettes are sold individually and should be ordered in specific quantity.  If ordering a case is preferable, the number in a case is as follows:


 7 Day – 225

  14 Day – 112

                               31 Day –   54


If you want a case of 7 day pink cassettes, you would order 225



How many bins come in a case?


As with cassettes, bins need to be ordered in a specific quantity.  Quantities of bins in a case are as follows:


   3x10 Inch – 91

   5.5x10 Inch – 42

   6x10 Inch – 42


If you want a case of 5.5 Inch bins, you would order 42



How many liners come in a case?


There are approximately 400 Easy Fill liners (8 slot) per case.  The Easy Empty liners (4 slot) come in cases of approximately 800. 


These are ordered in case quantity